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Some Of The things I DO

Sunny side up egg with rye bread and avocado

Food Styling

When it comes to food, for me it certainly extends beyond the taste. I've always had a creative outlook and growing up I would always turn to sketching buildings and birds eye views of apartments. My journey has since evolved, and I've moved on from the pencil to the spatula. In such a dynamic social world we live in, there is constant inspiration to draw from in terms of food styling, and there are always new trends that arise!


Recipe Development

When I began my journey some three years ago I had no idea where it would take me. In fact I actually began "Chef Seabones" for my own sake to keep track of all my kitchen creations. I have always been passionate about creating my own recipes and utilizing different ingredients. I tend to focus on healthier food in general nowadays and have worked with a variety of brands including Sun Basket, Vitamix, ALOHA.


Food Photography

In addition to the above, food photography has become an integral part of my "food life". As much as I enjoy making the food taste good and using fresh ingredients, taking a great photo certainly helps add some spark to your creation. In the so called "virtual world" that we live in today, it has become even more important for me to focus on the visual element of my creations.


Some past brand collaborations

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