Açaí Bowl

Servings: 2 • Prep time: 5 mins

This is probably one of the easiest quick-fix brekkies (breakfast) in your morning routine (and most rewarding for sure!) Açaí is comes from a specific species of palm tree called the Açaí palm, the same tree hearts of palm are sourced from. The berries that grow on the tree are mashed then frozen, and will serve as the base for this recipe. Açaí bowls can be made with practically any ingredient. I like to switch mine up every time I make them. You can always freeze leftover fruit and even veggies and throw them into the mix. With that said, get yo blender blending!


2 pouches frozen açaí
3 cups frozen blackberry
1/2 banana
2/3 cup orange juice *can add more if needed


1.  Add the açaí, forzen blackberry and orange juice to a blender.

2.  Blend for about 2 minutes. *you will likely need to use your tamper here! It won't have a very liquid texture, instead you'll need to use your tamper to help move around the content in the blender.

3.  Pour into bowls once you have a homogenous texture! Enjoy!

Topping suggestions • granola, coconut flakes, chia, berries, banana, figs, mango, passion fruit, dried fruit