Who Am I?

Well... I'm Sebastian Perez (aka Chef Seabones). I was born in Denmark and lived there until I was about 6. I've since lived in Switzerland, Australia and currently reside in New York City. Cooking has always represented a large part of my life. It really all began when I helped my grandfather in the kitchen back in Denmark leading to my nickname "Sovse Kong" which literally translates to "Sauce King". I started Chef Seabones as a resource to keep track of all the food I made, I would make all this food, and I wanted a journal to keep track of all my "food experiments". It's certainly turned out to have a very different purpose, which I'm grateful for! I've begun to gear my cooking towards a healthy eating lifestyle with a slight artistic touch. As I graduated college I decided to expand from the social media presence and create something more engaging, hence this website. I'd love for everyone who stumbles upon this site to try out my recipes, give me feedback, and spread the love. Thanks! Oh one more thing! I also just started my own catering company called Twobones!

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